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Jeremiah Masoli, a San Francisco 49er?

If reports are to be believed, then Jeremiah Masoli will be given an opportunity to return to his bay-area home and work out with the San Francisco 49ers. This is, of course, good news for Jeremiah and the rest of the Masoli clan as they will, for the immediate future, push back their likely inevitable move to Canada. It is also welcomed news for those of us at the Cup because, despite Houston Nutt's tendencies to think otherwise [NOTE: at Media Days, his Masoli rant was sparked by a question Whiskey Wednesday asked regarding the offense. The question didn't involve Masoli.] we are big fans of the throwin' samoan and truly appreciate the hard work, class, and dignity he displayed as a part of the Rebel club, especially after all of the negative press he endured last summer.

But is this a good move for San Francisco? One has to think that, with Alex Smith's future in jeapordy, talks of a free agent quarterback signing (people are saying Matt Hasselbeck or Kevin Kolb could end up in San Francisco), and the Draft pickup of Nevada's dual-threat Colin Kaepernick, the Niners are obviously looking for something new offensively. Is Masoli that something new?

I'm betting not. Masoli's got a strong arm and good enough feet, but he doesn't have the pocket presence, size, or proven record of success to win in the NFL. I would, naturally, love for him to prove me wrong right before barrelling a hole through my chest on the way to another touchdown, but I'd say his NFL career will be short-lived and see him on the field soley during the next preseason or two.

Still, we at the Cup must congratulate Masoli for enduring a fall from grace, media backlash, a half-baked redemption tale, a loss to Vanderbilt, and a summer outdoors in Mississippi, all because he loves the game of football just that much.

Best of luck, Jeremiah. We're pullin for ya.