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Rebel Roundup - July 22, 2011 - The Final Day of SEC Media Days

Day Three of SEC Media Days
Houston Nutt, Kentrell Lockett, Brandon Bolden, and Bradley Sowell are all slated to speak today. Whiskey Wednesday will be manning the Twitters and the conferences for us. If there's anything you'd like him to ask or say to anyone just leave it in the comments. I'm serious, he'll probably do whatever you tell him to, so don't say we didn't give you a chance. 

2011 Ole Miss Preview |
This is a wonderful time of the year, when season previews begin to trickle into our inboxes. Here's's take on Ole Miss this fall. Give it a read.

Harris, Rebels believe chemistry will bring results |
We've been hearing a lot lately about how the 2011 Rebels have the "it" that the 2010 Rebels were in short supply of. While nobody has really given a decent explanation for what "it" is or may be, a lot of terms like "attitude" and "chemistry" have floated around. The players, according to Neal McReady, believe it and think it should lead to good things this fall.

Sleeping Seniors: SEC West | Buffalo Bills Draft
Buffalo Bills Draft's got a list up of the SEC West's "sleeper" picks for NFL Draft worthy status which includes Rebels Wayne Dorsey and Damien Jackson.

Ole Miss to announce major capital campaign | Clarion Ledger
The athletics department issued a press release yesterday saying that, in the future, they're going ot issure more press releases involving a major athletics capital campaign. In and of itself, that's not a terribly exciting announcement. But, and this is very exciting, they're going to be releasing the renderings of Vaught-Hemingway's expansion and the new basketball arena when they announce the campaign. The announcements will be made Tuesday, August 9.

Former Ole Miss Guard Chris Warren Signs With Australian Team | WJTV
Good on ya, Chris. We at the Cup hope that everything in Australia works out for you. No, it's not the NBA, but instead of being shipped off to some damned city in the Rust Belt you're heading Down Under which, if Outback Steakhouse commercials are to be believed, means that your future free time will be fully occupied by surfing, rugby, crocodile wrestling, the piloting of Land Rovers over various sand dunes, and eating fried onions.