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2011 SEC Media Days-Day 2-Live

Good Lord, 8am is early. Day 2 of Media Days, the bustle and confusion from yesterday's internet crisis has subsided. I'm plugged in the wall, with an internet cable, like a plebian. Mark Richt is speaking as I type this, talking about Boise State, Pro Combat jersies, the Bible...

Yesterday, Dan Mullen was a lot more boring, less antagonistic than I expected. He took his pot shots at Ole Miss through conspicuous omission: when prodded by an LSU writer about the "This is Our State" campaign, Mullen conceded that USM might be annoyed by the implication. Apparently, a 14 year-old girl told Dan that we'd be even more hurt if he just ignored us altogether.

In the "reporters asking stupid questions" department, one guy asked Mullen what his expectations were when he started at State, and asked him what his timetable was for winning the West, and eventually the SEC. Apparently, just trying to win every game you play isn't enough, you have to have a schedule. Dan mumbled his way through that one and moved on.

Chizik and his stoic chin are at the podium now; it'll be interesting to see how he projects Auburn's chances after losing Cam Newton, Nick Fairley, and the better part of a great offensive line. It'll also be interesting to see who asks bratty questions about the Newton investigation; entertain me, Bama homers!

So of course, the main reason I'm here at Media Days is to cover Ole Miss. Houston Nutt speaks tomorrow, and then I'll have a chance to interview Brandon Bolden, Kentrell Lockett, and Bradley Sowell. Let me know what you want to hear, who you want to hear it from, etc., and I'll try to make it happen.