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2011 SEC Media Days - Day 1 - LIVE

Hi Cuppers (is that a thing? Do we say that?), I'm writing this live from the Wynfrey Hotel in Hoover, AL. SBNation has been kind enough to get us a pass into SEC Media Days, and Ghost and JUCO have been desperate enough to hand the pass to me. I apologize for the light coverage of today's events; the internets are pretty scarce here, what with hundreds of bloggeurs trying to cram onto two or three wireless networks. Hopefully, I'll be able to get some photos, interviews, and whatnot with some of the players and coaches. If you have any specific requests, suggestions, irrational demands, etc., hit me up in the comments and I'll see what I can do. After the jump, I'll talk about how things have gone so far...

First off: This event is, to a comic extent, a total sausage fest. No surprise there. Also no surprise: dressed in decent-fitting jeans and a plaid button-down, I am completely out of uniform. Should've brought my khakis, tennis shoes, and ugly Under Armour polo. Even the media in the SEC keeps it fratty; gotta respect that.

The only head coach I've been able to catch so far is Will Muschamp. After being introduced by random explosions, monster truck jousting, etc., Muschamp settled into his press conference with some obligatory opening notes, including some worrisome (for Florida fans) comments about his numbers and depth up front. I'm assuming that his concerns are equivalent to when people in Ohio complain about the humidity there. Still, his concern about his depth along the lines in worth noting.

From there, Muschamp didn't seek to blow any minds:

"I'm very pleased with the staff we have here" -no shit.

In response to a recruiting question: "There are a lot of good football players in Florida..."

He also displayed some real potential for future press conference assholery in dealing with some less-than-unbiased questions from the media.

When asked about rumors of Jeff Demps leaving the team: "I don't deal in rumors, and I don't know of any good football coaches that do."

When 'informed' that 8-5 wasn't acceptable to the "Gator Nation," Muschamp dismissively moved on with "They've told me."


With that, I'm about to emerge from the media workroom and try to catch Dan Mullen probably take some shots at Ole Miss for no reason. Stay tuned for more SEC Media Days coverage.