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2011 Ole Miss Rebel Football - Who's Getting Upset?

Could the Rebels get revenge on LSU this fall?
Could the Rebels get revenge on LSU this fall?

With fewer than fifty days until Ole Miss football kicks off, it is time to start taking some more serious looks at the Rebel schedule to determine just when and against whom our wins and losses will come. Our educated guesses at this point are just that, and after last year's Jacksonville State game we will forever remind ourselves that no game is ever guarantted, but I think we all have that odd feeling that a Houston Nutt style upset is in order for somebody on our schedule this season.

You know what I'm talking about. Those are the games where quarterbacks are flinging picture perfect spirals into the waiting hands of Rebel receivers while falling off of their back foot; with opposing turnovers resulting in easy points; where defensive heroics, bizarre officiating, and a heaping heppin' of good luck come together to get our head coach's face all over Sportscenter for a solid 48 hours. These are the games we live for and forever memorialize in YouTube highlight reels, tacky t-shirts, and smacktalkin' bumper stickers.

You know one's going to happen this year, and the rest of the SEC knows it too. It just has to, right?

So click the jump and vote in the poll.

Included in the poll are the four SEC home games. Even though we're going to struggle with all three, I'm too stubborn and full of myself to readily admit that wins over Vanderbilt, Kentucky, or Mississippi State should be recognized as extraordinary. The toughest road contests are Fresno and Auburn, and those are a push at this point as far as I see it.

Your thoughts?