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Rebel Roundup - July 18, 2011

WAUSA (HT: HottyToddyTank)
WAUSA (HT: HottyToddyTank)

Hey America, You Wanna Know our Pain?
If yesterday's World Cup final didn't at all remind you of nearly every Ole Miss sporting event of major consequence, then you weren't paying attention. I hate it for our ladies, but I'm proud of 'em.

And spare us the "hurr hurr I don't watch soccer durr." We won't make mention of this again. On to Ole Miss foobaw.

Ole Miss assistant Lee seeks hard-hitting QB competition | The Clarion-Ledger
David Lee has told Mackey, Stoudt, and Brunetti that they need to "get ready to be hit." Does this not remind anyone else of Coach O having Micheal Spurlock and Robert Lane run drills against eachother? I'm not trying to besmirch the man that much, but they could have found something better for our collective psyche for Lee to say, I'd hope.

Barry Brunetti takes charge until Ole Miss coaches can | The Commercial Appeal
Veazey takes a look at Brunetti's time spent at the Manning Passing Academy and reveals that Barry's best bit of advice came from not Eli, Peyton, Cooper, nor Archie, but Jon Gruden.

Yes, I said Jon Gruden, the coach who backed into a Super Bowl title and spends his Monday nights laughing at Ron Jaworski's terrible jokes. The guy whose best insight as a professional millionaire sportscaster is mostly along the lines of "man, that Patrick Willis sure can tackle guys!" The guy who seems like the kind of fellow who can't eat a hot dog without mustard suirting all over his tie.

Gruden jokes aside, Brunetti's coming off like a calculating, confident workhorse of a quarterback. I don't know if he'll get the starting nod against BYU, but I'll be damned if he's not a part of the conversation up until the last second.

Randolph Enjoys Nice Return Home In Viking Classic |
Former all-SEC and all-American rebel Golfer Jonathan Randolph made his first pro-tournament cut this past weekend at the annual Viking Classic - or the "I didn't qualify for the British Open" tournament - in Madison. Congrats, Jonathan.

Ole Miss' Deuce McAllister's House Up for Auction |
The Deuce is.... losing control of his assets. I'm sure somebody out there could help the guy out, right?