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Rebel Roundup - July 14, 2011

'Save the rivalry for football' | The Clarion-Ledger
The picture above, that happened yesterday. The Viking Classic, the annual PGA Event held at Annandale Country Club in Madison (it was the Southern Farm Bureau Classic when I was growing up a few miles from the club), held it's fun little Pro-Am deal to raise money for the Blair E. Batson Childrens Hospital at the Univeristy Medical Center in Jackson. For laughs and awkward photo opportunities, they grouped Chancellor Dan Jones with Dan Mullen, Emeril Lagasse (an Ole Miss fan, believe it or not), and Steve Elkington in this event. Mullen said, during some press conference or photo shoot or something, that he wasn't going to toss a corny jab at Ole Miss ("maybe next year," he says). Dan Jones replied with

We'll save all the rivalry for football season; this is for the children at matter who wins the golf, the sick children at University Medical Center are the winners today.

Translated, this means "here's your subtle jab, State: we help heal and cure the sick youth of Mississippi with our childrens hospital while you're shoving your fists in the stomachs of cattle and packaging cheese balls for stocking stuffers." At least that's what I got out of it.

Hawkins Member Of Rimington Trophy Fall Watch List |
Congrats, AJ.

Miami Northwestern DE-LB Eric Kinsey commits to Ole Miss | Sun Sentinel
In 'crootin news, a 6'3", 250-pound defensive tweener out of Miami (uh oh) committed to the Rebels this week. He is not yet listed on Rivals or Scout's commitment lists, but he seems like a fine defensive prospect with good size and a handful of other meaningful scholarship offers - namely those from Georgia and Nebraska.

Madison Central senior DT bucks trend, commits to Washington State | Madison County Journal
Maurice Bennett, the younger brother of Ole Miss Rebel defensive tackle Byron Bennet and defensive stalwart for the Madison Central High School Jaguars, recently committed to the Washington State Cougars. I imagine that, if Bennett were to receive an Ole Miss offer, that commitment would likely change.

Ask a Beat Writer: Ole Miss edition |
Well look who rears his head yet again. No, it's not Sleazy Kyle Veazey Fo'Sheezy; it's Negative Slant Brandt, and he's answering a few questions for Auburn's paper. Click the link to see just how Brandt, once again, besmirches the fine reputation of the University of Mississippi and conspires to see her ultimate destruction.