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Rebel Roundup - July 11, 2011

How'd Your Weekend Go?
Mine wasn't so hot. I tried to shoot off some fireworks to celebrate my birthday this past Saturday and, well, just have a look.


NSFW Language, ROFLMAO worthy


We got that bush put out and our fingers and toes are mostly intact, so don't worry y'all.

Ole Miss Tennis Center To Receive Major Improvements |
Rebel Tennis fans will be excited to learn that the Palmer/Salloum Tennis Center, or the "Chad Pad" per Ivory Tower, is undergoing some significant upgrades. The expansion will house both mens and womens offices, stringing rooms, and locker rooms. There will also be a visiting locker room as well as additional meeting rooms and study areas. Fans will also see the benefit of these upgrades with new scoreboards, seating, and technology to allow the program to stream tennis matches over the intratubes.

Sowell Distinguished As Outland Trophy Candidate |
Congrats, Bradley. I will say, for all the grief that we fans have given Houston Nutt (and it's totally deserved), I don't think any Rebel fan has been displeased with the performance of our offensive line over the past several seasons. Mike Markuson knows what he's doing with these guys, with the greatest indicator of that being Bradley Sowell's preseason accolades. When considering where he was two years ago as public enemy numero uno post Sakerlina embarrassment, he's come a very long way.

Battle of the vids: Mississippi State vs. Ole Miss | Brandon Marcello via Clarion Ledger
You best believe this is gonna be source material for an MBI to come.

We Need More Sweat! |
The Brandon Bolden video spot that we're all googoo and gaga over took nothing more than a few good cameras, two hours, and some clever video work to shoot. I must say, I'm damn impressed with what the folks in OM Media have been able to produce over the past couple of seasons.

Sumrall's Knight says he'll sign with Ole Miss | Hattiesburg American
Sumrall High School has been one of the premier high school baseball programs in America over the past few seasons. The teams leading hitter this past season, catcher Austin Knight, has announced that he'll sign a LOI with Ole Miss tomorrow. I like to think that this is another great in-state pickup for Mike Bianco and the Rebels.