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Rebel Roundup - May 9, 2011

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Rebels Defeat #1 Gamecocks on Saturday and Sunday to Take Series |
A walk-off sac fly earned a series win for the Rebels and gave the Gamecocks their first SEC series loss. Coming up next, the Mississippi State Bulldogs in a series which will have some significant postseason implications. More on that later this week.

Momentum for Baseball Rebs? | Veazey
Jake Morgan, winner of the Cup's coveted "Baseball Series Victory Over a #1 Ranked Opponent Game Ball," says he thinks the Rebs may be hitting a hot spot. Let's hope; it's what we're good at.

Hamblin Named SEC Player of the Week |
Miles Hamblin, the senior Rebel catcher, was named the SEC's player of the week. His grand slam against Arkansas State and .545 average against the #1 Gamecocks helped him earn the award.

Ole Miss fires softball coach after 14-39 season |
TAKE THAT MISSY DICKERSON! YOU TOOK A ONCE PROUD PROGRAM AND RAN IT INTO THE GRO-- eh... who am I kidding. Thanks for the hard work, Missy. Sorry things didn't work out for you. And, softball team, you're welcome that we've decided to write about you, even if it does come at the heels of a season which saw a 3-23 record in SEC play (sheesh). Needless to say, the Softball Rebels didn't make the SEC Tournament, which is kinda sad considering how Ole Miss is hosting the event this year.

Firing Nutt would cost Rebels a bundle | Veazey
How much is a bundle? Billions upon billions of dollars...

Okay, perhaps not that much, but we'd still have to shell several million dollars out to the man even if he were to lead us to another glorious four-win season. Whether you like him or not (warning: for those who'd answer "not," the link leads you to a page with a HUGE photograph of Nutt staring deeply into your soul - you've been warned), it seems like we're going to see more of Houston Nutt in Oxford unless he leaves under his own volition.