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Rebel Roundup - May 5, 2011

Meanwhile, in Mexico...
Meanwhile, in Mexico...

Rebels win at Arkansas State, but what about Matt Smith? | Veazey
The Rebels won last night against the Arkansas State Red Wolves in a close 11-9 contest, which is great news! Of course, when KYLE VEAZEY, the most despised enemy of the Cup, gets his greasy paws on a story the negative elements of the story just have to come out don't they! Matt Smith broke his arm during that game, and will likely miss the remainder of our season as a reasult. Great goin, Kyle!

Weekend preview: Gamecocks travel to Oxford, Mississippi | Garnet And Black Attack
Here is an excellent, detailed preview from SBNation's resident South Carolina Gamecocks partisans at Garnet and Black Attack. They seem excited and confident to be facing our Rebels this weekend, and why shouldn't they? We're limping into this series as poorly as we've limped in at least a decade.

Postseason on Bianco's mind | Veazey
After being swept by Florida last weekend, Coach Bianco had this to day before the Rebs returned to practice for the upcoming series against the South Carolina Gamecocks.

When you talk about confidence, we have three weeks left. Nine games...I'm sure this past weekend doesn't do a lot for your confidence, but now, it doesn't really matter. You know? Now you've got nine games left and you make a choice to play hard and win baseball games and get to postseason, or you don't.


MSU, Ole Miss men's tennis teams earn NCAA bids | The Dispatch
The Rebel mens netters, who are not the SEC Western Division champions for the first time in nearly a decade, earned a number two seed in the UCLA regional. They'll begin play in the NCAAs next Friday.

Ole Miss T&F Among Nation's Leaders This Year |
At least our track teams are good enough. The men's team is ranked #16 in the nation and are led by sophomore Ricky Robertson and his record breaking efforts in the high jump. How high is his jump, you may ask? He's ranked as the 10th best jumper in the world right now. That's not 10th in the NCAAs (he's 2nd there). That's not 10th in the USA (where he's 4th). That's 10th in the world. Brother can jump, alright. There are lots of other accolades and accomplishments and whatnot so just click the link to read about Ole Miss winning at something.