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Rebel Roundup - May 31, 2011

Jim Tressel Resigns, Southeasterners Bask in Schadenfreude
Who here honestly thought that Jim Tressel and the Ohio State football program were paradigms of virtue, honesty, and fair competition? Anyone?


Anybody who has followed college football for, oh, half of a season knows that, in order to win and win big, you've got to bend or even flat-out break the rules. It sucks, and it's ethically ambiguous at best, but with billions of dollars and nearly unparallelled fame on the line, the eschewing of rules of any subsequent attempts at cover-ups are something to be expected. I'm not saying it's a good thing; I'm just saying it's normal. And anyone who thinks that their program or coach is somehow above such behavior is a delusional dolt. Best of luck, I suppose, to Coach Tressel. Lord knows we'd take him at Ole Miss, so I'll refrain from any further finger-wagging.

So-so year leaves Rebs on outside looking in | The Clarion-Ledger
Man, talk about Ole Miss baseball and the sports gods working together to draw our fan base's collective hopes out as long as possible. Even when everything seemed lost, the Rebel squad was hanging in the postseason discussion by a thread. The NCAA took care of that though, yesterday, and announced that the Rebels would miss the postseason for the first time since 2002. Good, I say. Let's just get 2011-12 started already.

For the right price, NCAA considers changing college baseball's postseason |
The NCAA wants more regional hosts, because more hosts means more money generated, in theory. The proposed plans to alter the NCAA's baseball postseason are

[to create] 32 NCAA regional sites with a three-game series between two teams to start the postseason. The series winners would advance to play in eight four-team NCAA super regionals, with those winners advancing to the College World Series.

The second proposal is for three best-of three series before Omaha, also meaning 32 first-round sites instead of 16. That would add an extra week to the postseason.

Before you ask, neither of those plans would see Ole Miss make the postseason this year.


Phil Steele's All-SEC Team Announced | Team Speed Kills
This is not a joke: Bradley Sowell is Phil Steele's first team all-SEC left tackle. To be fair, the guy's got the experience and build necessary to be a top-flight tackle; but whether or not he develops into such remains to be seen. Also of note is Phil Steele picking Auburn to finish last in the SEC West next year.

Ole Miss qualifies for NCAA Championships in 13 events | Oxford News
Our track team is winning things! We're not terrible at running and jumping and stuff! Some names to look out for are Juliana Smith, a top-ten ladies hammer throw qualifier; Jonathan Juin, a top-five 200 meter qualifier; Lee Ellis Moore, a top-five 400 meter hurdle qualifier; and Ricky Robertson, who is a legitimate national title contendor in the high jump.

SEC College Football Gambling Futures Odds Released | Tomahawk Nation
Are you a gambler? I'm not, becuase I'm an idiot, but if you're a sports gambler you should look at Tomahawk Nation's take on the SEC's odds as released in Vegas last week. One thing we can all be certain of: betting on Ole Miss is stupid.

Fox News anchor Smith teaches Ole Miss students | CBS News
Diehard Rebel and Fox News anchor Shepard Smith taught a two-week journalism class/seminar thing to a group of Ole Miss students, which taught them proper interviewing techniques, anchoring skills, and how to properly besmirch LSU with millions of people watching.