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Kyle Veazey Leaves the Clarion Ledger

Don't look so shocked, Veaze.

First it was Negative Slant Brandt who took the stepping stone job of Ole Miss beatwriter (PankReb's joke, not mine) and turned it into a job with the Associated Press - after endless abuse from we bloggeurs, of course - and now it's Sleazey Veazey's turn to burst from his Clarion-Ledger cocoon. Next month, tEotC 2.0 will take his "talents" up I-55 to Memphis, Tennessee where he will cover "sports enterprise/biz/investigative/features" for the Commercial Appeal.

Another one bites the dust.

So, it's on to Enemy of the Cup 3.0, I suppose. Who could that be? Brandon Marcello? Ty Allushuski (please please please please please)? Stephen Godfrey? THE GHOST OF JAY CUTLER?! Only time will tell, but know that we're ready for him.

[Joking aside, we wish you well Kyle. We know you'll do fine work at the Commercial Appeal. Just make sure that whoever replaces you leaves us with plenty of MBI fodder on his Clarion Ledger blog, will you? Thanks, and Godspeed.]