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Rebel Roundup - May 23, 2010

Did You Get Raptured?
Yeah, me neither :(

Arkansas Sweeps the Doubleheader, Keeps Ole Miss out of Hoover |
Are you surprised, because I'm not. I even said so in our last little Roundup. I'm just glad it's all over with, because if it didn't happen this weekend, it surely would've happened in Hoover or some Regional (which, interestingly enough, we still have an outside shot for postseason play, apparently). We'll have some more on this later but, for now, just know that we're so over this already.

Grayson DB Denzel Nkemdiche Selects Ole Miss |
What an excellent last-minute recruiting pickup for Houston Nutt and company. Check out the highlight reel:

UGA has tried to get Nkemdiche to visit Athens, but according to Denzel that's not going to happen. He's enrolling in summer school and will be on campus in a few short weeks.

For those who don't recall our earlier discussion on this, there are two reasons Denzel became such a highly sought after prospect so late in the recruiting game. For starters, his grades were an issue until very recently when he graduated high school with high enough of a GPA to earn NCAA eligibility. And secondly, his younger brother is emerging as a top prospect for 2013, meaning that getting Denzel Nkemdiche gives a school a better opportunity to land Robert Nkemdiche down the road.

Ole Miss Takes East Super Regional |
SUCK ON THAT! BASS FISHING NATIONAL EAST SUPER REGIONAL CHAMPIONS! There's something we can hang our hat on, dammit. The Rebel anglers will be headed to Little Rock to compete in the national championship tournament. We'll report on it because IT IS WINNING OF SOME SORT.