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Rebel Roundup - May 20, 2011

Crouse, Morgan Pitch Rebels To 2-1 Win At No. 18 Arkansas | WJTV
It's a true testament to the strength of SEC baseball to see a team such as Arkansas, who "boasts" a losing record in the SEC (13-15), with a ranking as high as #18. The Rebs beat them last night 2-1 by combining stellar pitching with just enough run manufacturing. The Rebels will need to take the series to make Hoover, and are now in the driver seat to do so. That means that they won't. WAOM.

Grayson DB Denzel Nkemdiche returns from Ole Miss, hopes to visit UGA | AJC College Sports Recruiting
The 2011 signing class will hopefully have a new addition soon - yes, as late as May they're still able to sign LOIs - with Denzel Nkemdiche, a defensive back out of Georgia who was slated to play at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College, who has worked hard enough in the classrom during these past two sememsters to nearly ensure his eligibility for SEC ball. He took an official to Ole Miss and enjoyed it, but if I were to guess I'd say this guy's UGA bound.

He's a good defensive back, and a guy we really would love to have, but why folks are truly going after Nkemdiche has much more to do with his younger brother than it does with him. Robert Nkemdiche is a defensive end prospect who is apparently a shoe-in for 2013's #1 overall prospect ranking, and has expressed a desire to play ball wherever his brother does. Frankly, Robert can wait, because we need defensive backs in the worst way, but I can't imagine that our coaches aren't excited about the prospect of a package deal here.

DePaul Draws Ole Miss in BIG EAST/SEC Challenge | DePaul Blue Demons
The Big East/SEC Challenge looks like it'll be a pretty exciting bit of basketball for this upcoming season. Ole Miss will be playing at DePaul on Thursday, December 1, which will be aired on one of the ESPN member networks. Some other interesting matchups are Georgetown at Alabama, Florida at Syracuse, Vanderbilt at Louisville, Arkansas at UCONN, LSU at Rutgers (or "Swamp People" meets "Jersey Shore"), Pitt at Tennessee, and West Virginia at Mississippi State.

Rebel Golfers Open Play At NCAA East Regional |
Hey, our golf team is in postseason play! We're decent at that, at something! Chad Bounds of Meridian is two-under after one and currently sits in 14th. He was atop the leaderboard yesterday through the 14th before a rare triple bogey (he pulled the "Play like tGoJC" card for that one) set him back. They're playing at the Pete Dye River course in Blacksburg Virginia and currently sit at 11th, one spot above last place Yale (TAKE THAT YOU NERDS).