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Rebel Roundup - May 2, 2011


Back in Business, Baby
The tornado recovery is progressing, the Royal Wedding came and went, I'm not reminded so much of my own mortality anymore by a crippling stomach virus, and WHOOO TAKE THAT OSAMA WE SO FOUND YOU YOU BASTARD AND THEN WE SHOT YOU AND TOSSED YOU IN THE OCEAN LIKE FISH GUTS OUT OF A CHUM BUCKET! Great day to be an American, I say, and a great day to get back to whatever it is we do around here.

Gator arms stymie Rebels to complete sweep 7-2 | The Clarion-Ledger
And we're probably going to get swept next weekend as well. At this rate, we're sputtering, if not downright stumbling into Hoover - and some might even call that assessment a generous one.

I noticed that there weren't many comments this weekend in the open thread as in weekends past. That bummed me out a bit, and them I remembered that it was Double Decker Weekend and the games were in Gainesville. And then I remembered that I wasn't at Double Decker. And then I rememberd how much I hate all of you for quite obviously enjoying it.

Jerrell Powe Drafted By The Kansas City Chiefs In The Sixth Round | Arrowhead Pride
SBNation's Arrowhead Pride is pretty pumped that their Kansas City Chiefs picked our Jerrell Powe in the sixth round of this past weekend's NFL draft. Click the link to see their reactions.

Bill Stewart helps Barry Brunetti gain transfer waiver to play for Ole Miss | Sporting News
This is an interesting wrinkle to Barry Brunetti's transfer story. Bill Stewart, Brunetti's head coach at West Virginia, actually helped Brunetti, Houston Nutt, and Ole Miss earn the NCAA waiver necessary from Barry to play ball this fall in Oxford. Quite the gentlemanly move, Bill. We appreciate the help.

Rebels believe Aniefiok can contribute immediately | Rivals
Maurice Aniefiok is a shooting guard prospect to get excited about. Even though he's only lived in the United States for a year (he's a Nigerian, don't tell Donald Trump), he's a successful shooter for a successful Huntington, WV Prep program. He's also 6'5" and could be used by Kennedy and staff to replace the departing Zach Graham both offensively and defensively. The most exciting acpect of Aniefiok's presense on the hardwood for the Rebels is the potential mismatches he and the rest of his longer, rangier teammates can provide all over the court.

Rebels Get A 2012 QB Commitment | Rivals
His name is C.J. Beathard. Stop laughing. He's a 6'2", 180 pound quarterback from Battle Ground Academy, a school whose name I am certain doesn't at all creep out college admissions folks.

Football Student Tickets On Sale; Hoops, Baseball Free Next Season |
Students, buy your football tickets. Now. You won't have to buy your baseball or basketball tickets for the next school year because they're going to be free, just like they should be.