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Rebel Roundup - May 12, 2011

SEC Baseball Power Rankings: Week Eight | Anchor Of Gold
Anchor of Gold, SBNation's Vanderbilt blog, has done an excellent job this season with their weekly SEC Baseball Power Rankings. Right now, the Rebels are sitting in the bottom half of the league above Auburn, LSU, Kentucky, and Tennessee and right below the Bulldogs of "Mississippi's College Town."

Wiser sophomore Yarbrough finds niche at plate for Rebels | The Clarion-Ledger
As a sophomore, Alex Yarbrough is leading the Rebels in batting average (.344) and slugging percentage (.543). Coach Mike Bianco has noticed some improvement in Yarbrough's game from last season and details that in this piece by the Mississippi State beat writer, Brandon Marcello.

SEC's toughest October schedules | SEC Blog - ESPN
ESPN's thinking that we Rebels will have the third toughest October in the SEC during this upcoming football season. We open that month with a trip to Fresno before heading back to Oxford to take on Alabama and Arkansas. We cap the month with a trip to the defending BCS Champions at Auburn. Those are, in my opinion, four probable, if not very likely, losses.

And I consider myself to be a Rebel football optimist.

NCAA attempts to properly handle third-party recruitment |
The NCAA's on some pretty shaky ground after the controversial Cam Newton ruling. On the one hand, they're doing what they can to maintain the guise of amateurism, while on the other hand they're more than aware that agends, third party recruiters, and television contracts ensure that the business of college football is a lucrative one indeed.