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Message Board Idiots - Rebel Black Bear is Here!

Y'all knew this was coming.

With this being a widely talked about and distributed story, I didn't want to peruse the dozens of stories regarding this with hopes to find the creme de la creme of online idiocy. I wanted to be succinct and really get a cross section of all of the varying degrees of dumb and, mostly, save a load of time by going to my most trusty source: The Clarion Ledger. Thankfully, though, I was able to both have and eat my cake, as only one batch of Clarion Ledger comments was needed to find all of the nuggets of dumb sprinkled below.

Unlike previous Message Board Idiot posts, I'm going to be brief with these. I will do my best not to belabor the point and harangue all of you fine people with the same old talking points I've been spouting off for the better part of a year. I'll keep whatever comments I have as brief as I can. I'll issue a knee-jerk reaction or two, and I'll italicize some interesting elements of the idiocy for emphasis (all italics herein are of my doing), but most of these are just going to be presented for your perusal so that you may conclude whatever you'd wish.

Then, once you've done that, share your conclusions in the comments thread. Keep 'em funny.


"I would say there's a number of people who aren't happy, but we're moving in the right direction," So, logically, this means the true goal to to continue in this direction and make everyone unhappy. Jones is doing a great job. Donations are plummeting, our athletic programs are in disarray, and our alumni are taking up quilting on Saturday afternoons in the fall.

We have sunk to the point that I actually admire a stupid cowbell.


I hope we NEVER win another game in any sport as long as that damn bear is the mascot!
YES! It is that important to me and many others......we love Ole Miss but hate the direction it has taken.
PULL the money, folks! Do NOT show up for the fiasco of athletic events that has resulted from the obliteration of the identity and essence of Ole Miss.
it's not about the players or the's about WHO we really are. In MY America the majority rules. At Ole Miss Pete Boone and the mighty PC machine rules.

Ladylegacy was all over the damned place in this thread (once again, yes, this all comes from ONE thread). She's obsessive, paranoid, vitriolic, and poorly prioritized. Her comments are the types that you laugh at to keep yourself from crying.


Agreed ladylegacy, its not about the players or kids, its about the politically correct bs that is taking place in Oxford, its about the principles involved which they went about completely wrong. Jerk Jones and Jerk Boone are ruining that school and just look at their true colors, they have no integrity or character, just look at how they allowed the quarterback from oregon to join the football team at the last minute, just two months prior that kid was kicked off the oregon team.


The dogs will romp on the Black Bears once again.

3 in a row.

More Cowbell.

To which ladylegacy so eloquently and disgustinly replied:


please run up the score and dedicate the Bulldog victory to Pete Boone


I can honestly say that the Black Bear is the most ridiculous mascot anyone could have thought of (although not as bad as hotty toddy). If I were a black bear, i would be offended.


I couldn't have said it better myself. NO MORE money for Ole Miss from our household. No more merchandise without the Colonel on it. I hope Ole Miss dries up to a GHOST university. better not mess up our excellent Medical school by sending Jones back. Send him and the bear to the biggest lousiana swamp you can find, and take Pete Boone, too!


remember, it's allll in the name of diversity and not offending anyone, even if that anyone keeps asking for more and more and more... without giving anything in return but a black bear suit. i'll bet that within another five years, the term "ole miss" will be down the tubes too, replaced with "kumbaya kolledge," and the "tenets" of kwanza will be on a welcome sign at the main entrance. guess they'll only be recruiting negroe football players, which, along with this mascot deal and kicking the colonel to the curb, should ensure that u.m. will one day be a satellite of mvsu in all aspects, cranking out cheap diplomas and social workers. rah, rah, rah. glory.

But, yeah, race has nothing to do with any of this Colonel Reb stuff. No siree. Just ask Brian Ferguson! He'll tell ya!


They lost me back in the early 80's when they banned the football-field-sized stars and bars. Classic case of 900 telling 10,000 what policy's going to be. Then, I wised up and drove 100 miles southeast to go to a real school.



This is the most ridiculous thing to happen in Mississippi in a long time. It is all PC and we can thank the Ole Miss Chancellor-Jones.

This is an insult to the confederate soldiers as we are ashamed of them. Are we going to remove all references to Viet soldiers after some group decides we should be ashamed of them. These soldiers are part of our heritage but in the world of PC, you eliminate what may be offensive to some people and act like it did not exist.


Don't you see? They just did a test run on sick kids at a hospital. Now isn't that the very essence of brainwashing at its best?


It is pretty darn bad when they had to do a test run on kids, you really have to be a sick human being to do something like that, but then again, we are dealing with two of them in oxford, their names are Jerk Jones and Jerk Boone.

"Jerk" Boone makes me think of Carribean food. And yeah, it's pretty despicable that Ole Miss sent a person in an anthropomorphic bear costume to a hospital for children. The horror. How can I ever live with having been associated with such an insitution. Wrath. /deadpan


Its a sad day for Rebel land. These liberal you know whats have ruined a once great university because of political correctness. As an alumni of the school I am embarrassed and ashamed of our so called leaders in Oxford. For them to hide behind kids and roll out a mascot over 90% of the people do not want is absolutely insane. Jones and Boone you should be ashamed of yourselves.

I love the comment which was in reply to this because I'm pretty sure it came from one of our own who has a bit of a propensity for calling shit like he sees it.


You should be ashamed of yourself for being such a big ass fool!!

 I laughed. Loudly.

And then there's this...



The stupid reason for getting rid of Colonel Reb was it makes the black folks feel bad about their "past". I felt pretty damn bad this season when the so called football lost 8 games in front of all the fine Ole Miss fans. The reason the "Rebels" are named the "Rebels" is because when the South had to go to war the North, many of the young men enrolled at Ole Miss at that time left college and fought for the Confederacy. To honor these young men and their service to the South, Ole Miss was named the Rebels.

This stupid idea of having another mascot came from ths black from Guntown, Mississippi that was elected ASB President. I am ashamed of the 2010 Ole Miss football team and the idiot that thought this stupid bear up. Enough said.

Oh my stars. I could really rip this apart and let this blatant and unapologetic bigot have his online what's for (I guarantee I'd have words with him to his undeniably fat face if I had the chance), calling him infantile coward hardly worthy of the free, open society that so many before us painstakingly built while quite easily demonstrating his lack of a proper education, human sensibilities, or understanding of history, but instead, I'll give "Run" these two words: Fuck you.


Folks, there are dozens and dozens of examples of this type of unintentional hilarity. Feel free to fill up the comments thread with whatever gems you discover.