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Rebel Roundup - April 7, 2011

Apologies on the Bloggin' Dearth
We're just really devastated that Glenn Beck's leaving Fox News. It has taken a lot out of us. We'll move on though and get to providing you with more content with which you can waste your weekdays.

Tigers dominate Ole Miss | The Commercial Appeal
We didn't talk about it because One Man To Beat is Lazy we got pummelled out there. It was embarrassing.

DE Rivers' knee injury not a tear | Veazey
Gerald Rivers left practice earlier this week with a knee injury, which an MRI revealed to be a "severely bruised bone" as opposed to an "exploded ligament." It sounds painful as hell, but it won't require surgery and will allow Rivers to recover relatively quickly.

New Ole Miss mascot, Rebel Black Bear, makes his official debut | Off the Bench
Read this from MSNBC and ask yourself this: what is more embarrassing, a bear mascot, or our presumably adult fan base acting like a bunch of whiny brats over a costume?

SEC Coaches 2010 Cost per Win | Team Speed Kills
Kleph's crunching numbers over at Team Speed Kills and finding some very interesting things. This piece, his self-styled "cost per win" index, is exactly what it sounds like. When looking at Dan Mullen's salary and the number of wins Mississippi State got out of that money, their excitement is easily understood. They got the most bang out of their buck, so to speak, by compensating Dan Mullen with approximately $133K per win. We Rebels, on the other hand, were dead last in this category, shelling out well over half of a million dollars to our coaches for each Ole Miss victory. The relative levels of excitement surrounding each program then becomes pretty damned understandable - what happened to us last year was, in a sense, highway robbery.

2009-10 SEC Schools Athletic Program's Profits | Team Speed Kills
And this bit I can't really figure out. Of course I know exactly what it says, but I'm not sure if I believe the figures, particularly that of our Ole Miss. This look at what each SEC team made in profit during this past football season reveals that Ole Miss, unsurprisingly so, had the lowest profit margin of all SEC institutions. What is unusual about that is that Ole Miss' reported revenue is exactly that of the reported operating budget. I just find it highly unlikely that our profit margin was exactly zero. A net loss is far more believable than exactly zero.

Name of the Year 2011 Bracket | NOTY
Guess which Ole Miss Rebel is a THREE seed in this year's outrageous Name of the Year bracket? None other than Philander Moore! Congrats, Philander! I don't expect you to escape the Sweet Sixteen with such bizarre name powerhouses as Taco B.M. Monster and Vernon Lee Bad Marriage Jr. (yes, these are real people) in your region, but I want you to represent Ole Miss as well as you can, sir.