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Please Donate Time, Money to Relief Efforts

The damage seen in Smithville, MS, is unfathomable. Image via <a href="">Toledo Blade</a>
The damage seen in Smithville, MS, is unfathomable. Image via Toledo Blade

I know we've been out of service for a couple of days now, and I promise we'll get back to whatever it is you expect out of us, but for now I want to bring your attention to something that is so much bigger than Ole Miss Rebel sports.

None of you need me to tell you what happened earlier this week all across America, as hundreds of tornadoes touched down all over the South and East, leaving our friends, families, and countrymen injured, homeless, and grief stricken. All of us at the Cup are safe, just as we hope the same can be said for all of our readers, but we know that some serious work needs to be done.

If you have the time, energy, or resources, please contribute to the American Red Cross this week. Whether it monetary or a contribution of your time and elbow grease (check here for volunteer opportunities), any help they can get will greatly impact the recovery efforts in Mississippi, Alabama, and elsewhere.

As we've shown time and time again, we're a resilient folk. Perhaps no place in the United States has been met with economic hardship, social strife, and natural disasters quite as often or as severe as Mississippi. We can get through this, and we will, together.

If you know of any other charities or volunteer opportunities, please list them below.