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So You're Going to Double Decker....

Ah, the Spring. It's a beautiful time (my favorite season) and particularly splendid in Oxford. The weather's nice, it's a lazy time of year, and there's usually some good music being played somewhere around town. The Double Decker Arts Festival is obviously the pinnacle of the season. A last hurrah for students before final exams, and a great excuse for alums to visit the sleepy town on a weekend that doesn't involve arriving at Abner's at six AM to receive 100 chicken tenders in an aluminum tray.

There's a lot going on this weekend, and we're here to sort it our for you. We encourage you to trust us blindly and not make your own decisions. After all, you're not the one writing a blog that's read by over a thousand people daily, amirite?

So.... here's what you should do.


7:30 PM - 11 Okkervil River and Old Crow Medicine Show - $10

I know that many of you may be a bit turned off by a Double Decker show that you've actually got to pay for, but this will be more than worth it. Old Crow Medicine Show is a band most Oxonians should be familiar with, as they played at the Lyric sometime last year. They're a bit too hokey and plasticky for some, but they're a lot of fun to watch and chicks dig 'em (and we love chicks). Okkervil River alone is worth far more than the ten bucks you're going to pay for Friday night. Check out The Stage Names if you're into the whole "purchasing albums of the bands you're about to see" thing. They're not country enough for some of Double Decker's most devout showgoers, just as they're not strange enough for some of Oxford's fringe, but they've got a really unique sound, a subtle aggression, decent musical ability, poetic-ish lyrics, and a nice indie feel to them.

Trust us, you're gonna like them.

11:00 - sleep Go somewhere. Drink bourbon. Don't drive after drinking bourbon. Eat something greasy.


7:00 AM If you choose to be awake, show up at Baptist Healthplex for the 10k/5k Run/Walk. It's 35 dollars, but you probably get a t-shirt or something. Also, you're going ot be eating and drinking a lot Saturday. Maybe a 3 or 6 mile run will make you feel a little better about it.

9 Eat breakfast. I would encourage you NOT to go to BBB. I know. It's really tempting. Unfortunately, it's not like BBB is an unknown hideaway. John Currence, anyone? It will take literally an eternity to be seated there this weekend.

10:30-12 Enjoy the festival. With a high of 81 and low of 61, the temperature appears ideal.

12:00 PM - 12:15 Children's donut hole eating contest on the sqaure (sponsored by Shipley's Donuts) - pick one to cheer for. Make the kid's day. Make a sign if you need to. Figure out his or her name and be the most ardent supporter this person will ever have in their life. "COME ON SALLY YOU BETTER STUFF THOSE BALLS OF FRIED AWESOME IN YOUR CHEEKS. CHIPMUNK THOSE HOLES, SALLY! COME ON... DON'T LET ME DOWN. I'VE GOT $100 ON YOU SALLY! WHOOO SALLY!"

Yes, we're advocating you gamble for this event.

12:30-1:30 Valerie June @ Cathead South Stage

1:30 - 2:30 Walk around the festival. Look at the art. Buy things. Drink more. Eat more. If the weather's nice, there's nothing as satisfying as taking in Double Decker with a few friends, and Ghost is beyond jealous that we're all going to enjoy it without him. As for Whiskey Wednesday, he'll be there, cavorting about with his usual legion of harlots.

2:30 - 3:30 Zydeco with the Lost Bayou Ramblers @ Budweiser North Stage

4-5 Justin Townes Earle @ Budweiser North Stage - Make sure to attend this one. This guy is fantastic.

5-6 Glen David Andrews @ Cathead South Stage

6-7 Eat vendor food for dinner. If there's a small food truck on the square that has a handwritten sign for barbecue. Get that. It's probably cheap and delicious. Drink. Purchase something from Square Books.

7-8 North Mississippi All-Stars @ Budweiser North Stage

You all know who these guys are. Show them the love they expect out of Oxford.

8 - Sleep Find us. Give us money and/or expensive bottles of bourbon/scotch. Then, leave us alone. WE DIDN'T ASK FOR THIS!