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NFL Draft Prospect: Jerrell Powe

The beautiful saga of Jerrell Powe will come to an end this weekend with the Ole Miss Rebel defensive tackle being taken likely in a middle round of the NFL draft. Academic ineligibility, Hargrave Military Academy, self-reported illiteracy, obesity, sweat, NCAA red tape, and LaNdShArKiN only give us a glimpse into the man, myth, and legend of Jerrell Powe.

He will, undoubtedly, be missed in Oxford, Mississippi. Considering his adversity, struggles resulting from machinations which were set into motion long before he was even born, and gigantic belly, Powe is truly an incarnate microcosm of everything good and bad about the Magnolia State. (AND HE CAN'T READ WHOOO /rattle /TSUN)

So where does Powe end up when the weekend's events are over?

Powe's greatest attribute as a football is his size. Few defensive tackles can measure up to Powe's mass, especially in the college game. Combined with his mass is his brute strength, making him an ideal anchor in a 3-4 defense. Considering those attributes alone, Powe should get taken no later than the late 4th round or so. Unfortunately, though, his upside really diminishes once size and strength are considered.

Powe's quick and gets off of the line well, but he does not use his hands well to shed blocks. Instead of finessing his way into the backfield, Powe's a bull-rusher, preferring to just crush a center or guard into the turf before pursuing the quarterback or plugging the run. His footwork is less than ideal, especially his lateral motion, and he is poor in pursuit outside of the hashmarks.

Still, Powe could find a spot in the NFL as a nose tackle, and most likely in the 3-4 defense and scouts are going to find his bulk tough to resist.

Here's where a few mock drafts project Powe to end up. No, I don't really care to know the credibility of these mock drafts, but it gives us an idea as to where Powe stands. He's not an elite prospect, but he's certainly going to wind up somewhere.

Coming during the rest of the week here at the Cup, a look at all of other Ole Miss' profesional pros---

Ugh, I can't even finish that.

Best of luck to you, Jerrell, wherever you end up. You're truly a legend of Oxonian proportions.