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Elite Professional (Canadian) Football Prospect - Jeremiah Masoli

It shocked nobody and provided great rib-tickling pleasure to message board hecklers scattered about the Southeast to learn that Jeremiah Masoli was not, in fact, going to finish his Parks and Recreation degree at Ole Miss and, instead, look into his professional prospects. We at the Cup found the situation neither amusing nor, truthfully, that all surprising because the guy's a football player first and a park ranger, oh, fourth or fifth I'd say. So what if he wanted to give the NFL a look? Which senior football player wouldn't if he thought he had some modicum of a shot to make it?

But the CFL?

Jeremiah Masoli worked out yesterday with the Edmonton Eskimos of the Canadian Football League. For those of you who are Canadian-geographically-challenged (roughly 90% of all-Americans because, c'mon, it's all huge and cold up there and stuff), that's in Alberta which is across the border from Montana. For those of you who are American-geographically-challenged, well, we've probably already lost you this far (here's something more suited to your reading level).

So he's been up there, running around and throwing footballs around and, believe it or not, showing that he could be a nice fit for CFL football.

Yahoo! Sports' Canadian Football blog, 55 Yard Line ("But, wait, there is no 55 yard line!" Just click on the link above please.), argues in favor of Masoli's chances in the league.

When you consider that the Rebels faced some pretty tough teams in their SEC schedule, that's not all that bad. His stats are more impressive if you consider that he was basically thrown right into the fire; Masoli only joined Ole Miss in August, and he had to adapt to their largely pro-style offence, vastly different from the spread option attack he'd run at Oregon.

Odd spelling of "offense" aside, I think most Ole Miss fans would agree that Masoli showed some really positive offensive skills, especially as the season wore on. His offensive output at Oregon, too, should be of significance considering how spread-option, shotgun attacks are more prevalent in the Canadian bastardization equivalent of America's favorite sport.

Some American quarterbacks have really shined in Canada. The most obvious pick for "Canada's favorite American quarterback" is Doug Flutie who, like Masoli, was a fearless, diminuitive gunslinger with a unique competitive edge. Of course I do not mean to suggest that Masoli will be some sort of superstar in Edmonton, or anywhere for that matter, but I think that, if the CFL is where he makes his professional home, he will show them the same work ethic and positive attitude he gave us last season.

Wherever you end up, Jeremiah, we hope you do well. Thanks for the year of work you gave us in Oxford.