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Rebel Roundup - April 25, 2011

Will OleForty be able to fill some of whatever void D.T.'s injury has left us?
Will OleForty be able to fill some of whatever void D.T.'s injury has left us?

UM drops series to Auburn with 9-7 Saturday loss | The Daily Mississippian
If baseball games actually lasted the five innings that they're supposed to, then we'd be in much better shape as a baseball program. The Rebels gave up too many late runs to the Auburn Tigers, losing the series 1-2 and relinquishing the top spot in the SEC West.

Memphis offensive lineman is Rebels' first commitment | Rivals
The first commitment for next season's signing class is MUS offensive guard Ben Still. Still comes in at 6'3", 285 pounds and is the son of a former Tennessee offensive lineman. He's got SEC and Ole Miss credentials, that's for sure.

Shackelford's leadership not easy to replace | SEC Blog - ESPN
ESPN's got a new face covering SEC sports. Edward Aschoff, an Oxonian who graduated from Florida and worked to cover the Gators for several years with the Gainesville Sun certainly has the look and feel of an SEC football fan. In this article covering the woes of his hometown Rebels, he writes about DT's injury and who may need to step into his defensive leadership role.

Colonel Reb events begin today | Veazey
Yes, Kyle Veazey and I swapped some emails regarding the Colonel Reb foundation and my perception of their lack of influence over the Ole Miss fan base. Yes, I'm quoted in there using *gasp* my real name and age and stuff (zomg y'all can find me on the Facebooks now). Yes, I'm so looking forward to being called out by name in the Clarion Ledger's comments thread. And, yes, I'm grateful to Kyle for thinking to include my thoughts in his article.

Evolution: The New College Football Landscape & What It Takes To Win | In The Bleachers
You're not going to want to miss this. Michael Felder, a former college football player - a North Carolina Tarheel defensive back, if you must know - and operator of the fantastic "In The Bleachers" series of blog entries, podcasts, and tweets (@InTheBleachers, follow it) will be looking at "The New College Football Landscape" this week. It will surely be one of the best reads of the offseason. According to Felder,

During the week we will look at the current college football conditions for success, where programs rank in the grand scheme of things, how great jobs at given institutions really are and why fans are a part of the problem in a lot of cases.

I'm sold.


Civil rights icon pushing quality education for all | Jerry Mitchell via The Clarion-Ledger
Are you reading Jerry Mitchell's work in the Clarion-Ledger? Because you should be. This isn't at all sports related, but it is Ole Miss related as one of our most famous and culturally significant alumni, James Meredith, talks about the ills of Mississippi's public education system and what he sees as their potential solutions. Even if it doesn't always make sense (the guy's old, y'all), when Meredith speaks, we listen.