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Rebels Sweep Wildcats, Take "Lead" in SEC West.

How about some good news for a change? Mike Bianco's diamond Rebels swept the visiting Kentucky Wildcats this weekend with three close contests [3-2, 12-10, 6-5] to advance to 8-7 in the Southeastern Conference. The games were perhaps closer than Rebel sports fans would have liked, with nearly blown leads, inconsistent pitching, and mostly unimpressive offensive efforts highlighting the three contests, but a sweep's a sweep.

Kentucky is, by any reasonable measure, the weakest team in the SEC this season, so such a sweep isn't enough to provide any reasonable analysis as to the immediate future of this ballclub, but it's a good start. With a Tuesday night matchup against those who grind for their State followed by a weekend series at Auburn, the Rebels could make up some significant ground in-conference this week, which is almost necessary considering the South Carolina and Florida series which loom over the horizon.

In an unforeseen twist, this sweep puts the Rebs in a three-way tie for "first" in the SEC West. "First" is, of course, in quotes because with literally one half of a division sharing a lead it's pretty difficult to determine who, if any, of these teams are frontrunner material. But we'll take it for now. Just as in basketball, but even more pronounced, the SEC East is the superior baseball division, with half of the six Eastern squads in the top five (Vanderbilt, South Carolina, and Florida - yes, they're all in the top five), meaning that, as it stands right now, it'd be a real stretch for any SEC Western team to earn a national seed, let alone host a regional.