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BREAKING NEWS: Ole Miss Rebel Quarterback Randall Mackey Suffers Hairline Ankle Fracture

Late in yesterday's spring drills, hopeful Ole Miss starting quarterback Randall Mackey injured his ankle in what appeared to be a rather innocuous injury - a slight sprain perhaps. However, after gingerly walking off of the IPF field, Mackey was taken in for some precautionary X-Rays and learned that what had initially seemed to be something minor was, in fact, a hairline ankle fracture.

"It's devastating," said David Lee, the Offensive Coordinator of the Ole Miss Rebels squad. "We were really counting on Mackey to compete for that starting spot and really push the competition. He was looking great in drills and showed some real athleticism as well as a good arm. I hate that we may not have him for this fall."

Mackey's comments were limited on the situation, but he was visibly upset over the misfortune. "I just don't want to miss any more practices. I want to play and that's it."

Team doctors estimate it could take anywhere from two to four months for Mackey to heal, adding that he will not be allowed to practice any further this spring.



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