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March Madness: Stuff Ole Miss People Like, Places Regional!

Y'all know the drill by now, so get to commentin'. This is the Stuff Ole Miss Peopl Like March Madness Places Regional! Click the bracket to biggify and, after tomorrow's food/drink regional, we're gonna have a final four or elite eight type of deal which will be decided by polling.

Let this regional of the madness begin. 




  1. The Grove - Plenty of schools have a circle, and even more have a quad; but only Ole Miss has The Grove.
  2. Vaught-Hemingway Stadium - Many memories, good and bad, are entombed in the 60,000 seat shrine to Southeastern Conference football.
  3. The Library - Not the one with the books and stuff.
  4. Eastover - If you have to ask, then you don't yet deserve to know.
  5. Madison - "Oh, you're from Clinton?"
  6. Dallas - With the (perhaps unfortunate) recent innundation of Ole Miss with Texans, Dallas has become one of the largest metro areas with a significant Ole Miss alumni population. Couple that with Houston Nutt's love for the Cotton Bowl, and you've got a metroplex with a definite Ole Miss presence.
  7. Fraternity Row - Fraternity house lunches, hazing, stacks upon stacks of Keystone cases, hazing, short shorts, hazing, Tahoes, hazing, huge mansions with gigantic white columns, hazing.
  8. Swayze Field - Swayze's truly a shrine to college baseball. Few collegiate parks can offer a parallel experience to that of Swayze field.
  9. Sardis - It may be a university, but it's the University of Mississippi. We need a place to fish, swim, shoot guns, crash our jetskis, etc.
  10. New Orleans - We're never going here for a bowl game, but we will go here to experience wanton drinking and unholy amounts of creole food.
  11. Europe - An integral part of the Ole Miss experience is the expansion of ones horizons experienced by seemingly everyone via a study abroad trip. Some choose Latin America, others Asia, and even others Africa, but those places are hot and stinky and full of poor people. Real Ole Miss students study in Europe and spend their semesters lazily dicking about London, napping in Paris, and making regrettable decisions in Venice.
  12. Square Books - Not as many of y'all buy your books here as you'd like because of Amazon's propensity for selling paperbacks for a fisful of pennies, but there isn't a more Oxonian establishment.
  13. Sorority Row - Just like fraternity row minus the garbage, fistfights, poor lawn care, cursing, loud rap or country music, and beerguts.
  15. Beale Street - It's the consolation prize to a getaway weekend in New Orleans, sure, but a night or two of debauchery in Memphis is most certainly a part of the Rebel experience.