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Rebel Roundup - March 28, 2011

NFL Stars Return to Ole Miss For Grove Bowl |
BenJarvus Green-Ellis, Mike "Burnell" Wallace, Kendrick Lewis, Tutan Reyes, Micheal Spurlock, and Deuce McAllister will be returning to Ole Miss in a few weekends to take part in the Grove Bowl festivities, a return which I find rather bittersweet. Yes, these footballers brought us great moments on the gridiron, but they languished on largely poor, undercoached Rebel sqads. When I see BJGE, Wallace, and Lewis on Sundays starting for playoff contending professional franchises (Kendrick Lewis and Mike Wallace having done so as rookies!), I realize that some of our football squads over thep past few seasons, despite the frustrating losses, had some legitimate football talent on the roster.

Vols blanked in series finale by Ole Miss, 8-0 | Tennessee Journalist
An SEC road series win is always something to be proud of. Even though this team can't figure out how to win on Saturdays (there may be more on this from yours truly if I can find a moment to sift through the numbers - yes, I do that sometimes), it will be a competitive team in conference this season. 

The Ole Miss switcheroo: Holloway a Rebel again? | Veazey
As absurd as it sounds, Murphy Holloway has a legit shot of getting an NCAA waiver to start next season. Being as how Ole Miss is the school for whom he signed out of high school, the NCAA may recognize his reasoning behind his Ole Miss to South Carolina transfer as a hardship, granting him permission to return to his initial college choice. It's not a given, but it's not all that unlikely either.

Ole Miss assistant on Tech’s ‘hot’ list | Ruston Daily Leader
Michael White, the former Ole Miss guard turned assistant Rebel coach, may be heading to Ruston, Louisiana to become the head coach at LA Tech. I haven't the faintest clue as to what this implies regarding the future of our basketball program, so I'll take it as an opportunity to wildly speculate that we're doomed.

Men's Tennis Takes Out South Carolina 6-0 |
The #23 ranked Men's Tennis team moved to 4-2 in SEC play after blanking the South Carolina Gamecocks this past weekend. Tennis: we're good at it.