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Rebel Roundup - March 25, 2011

Holloway leaving Gamecocks | WIS News 10
Murphy Holloway wants to leave South Carolina and return to Mississippi.

"I came back because of my daughter and my family situation and I feel like that situation is a lot better than it was, and I want to take the opportunity to go back to Ole Miss," Holloway said.

Your thoughts on this? I, personally, would welcome the guy back in an instant.


Kennedy sees revised roster in 6th season | Veazey
Not only is Murphy Holloway likely returning to the Rebels squad, but some other changes are also apparently in the works, as Andy Kennedy has hinted at both staff and player changes to come over the next few months. 2011 Spring Preview | SEC Schedule/Picks
A way to early look at the SEC's schedules has our Rebels squeaking out a bowl eligible season via wins over Kentucky, Vanderbilt, and Arkansas. LSU wins the SEC in these predictions which, at this point, is certainly possible.

Mississippi’s Powe, Masoli work out for NFL scouts at pro day | The Washington Post
Jerrell Powe looks to be the Rebels' best professional prospect, as he and 14 other Ole Missians worked out for scouts representing 24 different pro teams on Tuesday. Powe's pro potential looks good, as he claims he's hearing that he's second round material, but the same can't be readily said for Jeremiah Masoli, who both took snaps and caught passes for the prospects. Sayeth Masoli:

I’m a QB at heart, but I’m also a baller at heart

Indeed you are, sir.


At Tennessee this weekend, Rebels hope bats show improvement | Veazey
This is as close to a "must win" series as you're going to have this early in the baseball season, but with the past weekend's series loss to the Alabama Crimson Tide, the Rebels need to build up some momentum against the Tennessee Volunteers. BWE has more on this below.

Ralph Nader proposes replacing athletic scholarships with need-based aid | ESPN
Ralph Nader also hates fun. Look, Ralphie, I'm all for being honest about NCAA athletics, which is why I oftentimes refer to NCAA football as "the NFL's minor league," but such honesty doesn't require us to actually implement amateurism into the once-amateur game.

Also, you're old. Stop being old, Ralph.