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Sweet Sixteen Day 1 Open Thread

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Post your frustrations, your jubilation and any thoughts on tonight's Sweet 16 matches.

The SEC is represented, which is reason enough to watch.

Also, pro baseball hasn't started yet, and our college baseball is on hiatus until tomorrow.

What else are you going to be doing tonight? Talk about booze you're consuming. That's always a good topic.

UConn vs. San Diego State - 6:15 CST on CBS

PICK: Kemba Walker. UCONN

Florida vs. BYU - 6:27 CST on TBS

PICK: See earlier post for reasoning. FLORIDA

Arizona vs. Duke - 8:45 CST on CBS

PICK: Kyrie Irving's majestic return will continue its glorious ride into the Elite Eight. Coach K has more tourney experience and the Blue Devils run 'Zona out of the building. DUKE

Butler vs. Wisconsin - 8:57 CST on TBS

PICK: Maybe the best game of the night. Wisconsin isn't nearly as good on the road as they are at home, and Butler is having another ridiculous run in the tournament. If Butler pulls this upset off, dude deserves another massive raise. WISCONSIN