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NIT Update and Open Thread

Three NIT games dot the college basketball landscape this evening on your television including one of our SEC brethren seeking a trip to Madison Square Garden. 

All three games tonight are on ESPN2, and we've got the CBI game-times as well if you're into that kind of thing.

Mainly, it's good to see 'Bama showing the NCAA selection committee they may have made a mistake by not selecting them in the tourney. Sure, RPI and SOS are important numbers, but maybe the Tide compiled a good enough second half of the season to get in.

Plus, the SEC has two Sweet Sixteen teams, but we'll get to those tomorrow. Just sayin', maybe we know how to ball a little bit in the southeast outside of those jerks in the ACC.

NIT Quarterfinals

College of Charleston at Wichita State - 6:00 PM CST ESPN2

These are two programs who notched significant upsets during the year but weren't able to claim respective conference titles. Look out for the Shockers (that's what she said? no? anyone still doing that joke?).

Miami (FL) at Alabama - 8:00 PM CST ESPN2

Can we make this game happen during football season? Please?

Northwestern at Washington State - 10 PM CST ESPN2

Perennial football cupcakes face-off in the second most thrilling college basketball tournament in the nation. Yep, that's got a nice ring to it.

CBI Semifinals (aired on HDNet)

UCF at Creighton - 7:05 CST

Boise State at Oregon - 9:00 CST