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NIT, CBI and CIT Brackets? Yep, we've got 'em

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Oh wow, I just looked at my NIT bracket, and it is totally messed up.

You know, that statement just really doesn't resonate at all with me. I chose not do an NIT, CBI or CIT bracket even though our Rebels were one of the teams selected for the NIT.

Mostly because it's really depressing to fill out a bracket who's winner is dubbed the 69th best team in the country. Also, because I knew deep down, Ole Miss wouldn't be that team. Ouch.

OK, everyone feeling awesome about our program now? Let's look at tonight's basketball schedule brought to you by the good people at Samsung. Go buy 10 of their TVs now.

The NIT second round continues tonight with a few match-ups. Last year's NIT champ, Dayton, got knocked out in the first round of the NIT this year. However, last year's runner up, North Carolina, is now in the Sweet Sixteen.

Missouri State at Miami (FL) - 6:00 PM CST on ESPN

New Mexico at Alabama - 8:00 PM CST on ESPN

Oklahoma State at Washington State - 10:30 PM CST on ESPN2

The College Basketball Insiders tournament presented by Zebra Pen is partially televised on HDNet. The important thing to remember here is that last year's CBI champ, Virginia Commonwealth, is now in the Sweet 16. So pick these teams if they make the tourney next year I guess.

Rhode Island at UCF - 6:00 PM CST

Davidson at Creighton - 7:00 PM CST on HDNet

Evansville at Boise State - 8:00 PM CST

Duquesne at Oregon - 9:00 PM CST on HDNet

Then, there's the Postseason Tournament or the CIT. You can watch this game on-line by following links at the CIT website. Last year's winners, Missouri State, is now still alive in the NIT.

Southern Methodist at Northern Iowa - 7:00 PM CST

Thoughts on these games? Will the SEC win the NIT or will New Mexico stun the Bama fanbase?