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Rebel Roundup - March 21, 2011

Duke, the most tragically ugly collection of collegiate basketballers, lives on this March.
Duke, the most tragically ugly collection of collegiate basketballers, lives on this March.

The Madness Continues
Your bracket's shot to Hell, my bracket's shot to Hell, everyone you know has had their bracket shot to Hell, and that's exactly how we at the Cup want it. March Madness is fun when there's actual madness, and with a few of 2011's big shots - Purdue, Louisville, Syracuse, Pitt, Notre Dame, and Texas - all losing early, the Sweet Sixteen is really setting up to be a memorable one. In the Cup's pool over at CBS, Thile is in the lead while Godfrey is, with great dignity, last.

Rebels unable to produce key hits as Tide wins series | Kyle Veazey
Alabama? ALABAMA? Of all of the SEC Western Division teams to lose to, Alabama is certainly the most embarrassing. The Tide aren't half the club of an LSU, a Florida, or a South Carolina, and yet the Rebels lost two of three to them. If either of them can stomach it, Brian Walker's Elbow or One Man To Beat will keep y'all up to speed regarding this past weekend and the weekends to follow.

Pascagoula shortstop Nyman to sign with Ole Miss |
Although Rebel baseball has been mostly inconsistent over the past two seasons, recruiting seems to have picked up. The Rebels earned a commitment from Pascagoula High School shortstop Chase Nyman, a teammate of the football/baseball signee Senquez Gholston, who is helping the Panthers lay stake to the claim of best 6A program in Mississippi.

Nyman, who started at second base for the Panthers as a sophomore before moving to shortstop this season, is a big reason for Pascagoula's red-hot start. The lefty hitter has posted a team-best .478 average with a home run, two RBIs and eight runs scored batting mostly out of the 2-hole in the order. The Panthers are 7-1 overall and 3-0 in 6A Division 7.


Recap: California vs. Ole Miss |
Here's another recap of the meager departure of Rebel basketball from the collective Ole Miss fan mindset, highlighting the performances of Jorge (pronounced "whore-hay") Gutierrez and Allen Crabbe for the Golden Bears.

Starting CB one of a pair of Rebels unavailable for the spring | CollegeFootballTalk
If you're in Vaught Hemingway Stadium, and you don't see Marcus Temple play in the spring game, does anyone notice? Will it even be possible to notice? Pardon our pessimism, but the Rebel receivers and defensive backs give us little cause for optimism going into not only the Spring, but also the next, oh, three or four seasons.

Dorial Green-Beckham Profile |
For all of you recruitniks, here's a look at Dorial Green-Beckham, the star wide receiver from Missouri who is visiting Ole Miss this week. Just thought some of y'all would like to know so that you could update your Facebook accounts and Twitter feeds, because this guy's a good one.

The Easiest and Hardest Places to Get Drunk | BLTWY
Who'da thunk that Mississippi would be listed as one of the most difficult places to imbibe? (The answer is of course anyone who has ever imbibed in Mississippi before or after imbibing elsewhere. For me, that means a quiet reflection on my time spent in Germany, where one is free to stroll lazily about town with a cold lager in his or her hand with nary a fellow man finding such behavior unusual.) For perspective, Mississippi is listed alongside Utah, Libya, and Saudi Arabia... I'm not joking.