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Round 3 Open Thread

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How's your bracket looking?

Still have all Elite Eight teams? Missing a Sweet 16 team or two/three?

This is the life of the non-selected team's fanbases. We're resigned to winning cash in our office pools and fretting over a Kentucky-West Virginia or a dangerous Butler team possibly upsetting a number 1 - again.

We're also down to only two SEC teams - Kentucky and Florida. And if nothing else, there will be at least one 12 or higher seeded team in the Sweet 16 after the Richmond-Morehead State game (did anyone pick that? I'll give you 4,000 cocktails the next time I see you).

What's on tap today is after the jump?

Kentucky vs. West Virginia - This game is already in progress and it looks like Bob Huggins juju over John Calipari will continue.

UCLA vs. Florida - 1:45 CST - Both teams looked very solid in its first games. Florida is most likely to be the furthest reaching SEC team this year.

Morehead State vs. Richmond - 4:15 CST - While Morehead State had a dramatic win over Louisville, Richmond just looks to be a very legit team. If they reach the Elite Eight, it would be another great March story.

Temple vs. San Diego State - 5:10 CST - Temple escaped the upset bid of Penn State and should subsequently put a scare into the 30+ win Aztecs.

Butler vs. Pittsburgh - 6:10 CST - After seeing Pitt play earlier this week, I was kicking myself for picking them as a Final Four team. They didn't look great and now are facing the giant killer Butler Bulldogs. I need a beer.

Gonzaga vs. BYU - 6:45 CST - The analysts are calling for the upset. Jimmer will get hammered by the opposition from here on out, so it's just a question as to how far he can carry his team with 80+ points per game. This kid is good, and haters are gonna hate. I think the Cougs will find a way to advance.

Kansas State vs. Wisconsin - 7:40 CST - Wisconsin surely can beat the overrated Wildcats unless Jacob Pullen has secretly bet his beard on the game. That seems to be all those purple clad, angry-eyed coach lovin' people care about.

Cincinnati vs. UConn - 8:40 CST - Cincy looked very sharp against Mizzou, very impressive. Everyone expects Kemba Walker to lead UConn to the Elite Eight or Final Four. These teams know each other well though, and I give the nod to UConn because of coaching experience in the tournament.