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One Upset Down, Many More to Go

With 13-seed Morehead State's victory over 4-seed Louisville, we've got our first big upset of the 2011 NCAA tournament.

We've got another possibility brewing at the time between Richmond and Vandy, but after six games, it's been a fairly good tournament.

Five of the six games have been decided by less than ten points, and four of the games by two points or less.

So who's next? What big upset could be lurking today?

I'm pretty much in a terrible mood after Ole Miss' season ended too soon last night in Berkeley. All I'm hoping for is for other fanbases to be as crushed as I was last night.

Here's the top upsets I would love to see in light of that (even though I'd lose the cash I threw into my office pool):

1.) Belmont over Wisconsin: Why? Well, partly because Belmont has 30 wins and have never been seeded this high. Partly because I hate the Big Ten. But, really, when you watch Belmont play, they are just an old school type, fundamental basketball team, and it deserves to be rewarded.

2.) UC Santa Barbara over Florida: Who doesn't hate Florida?

3.) Bucknell over UConn: I'm tired of hearing about how great Kemba Walker is, plus Bucknell can gain a reputation of blowing up brackets when they're a 14-seed.

Any upsets you would like to see even though it would blow up your bracket? Leave it below.