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Rebel Roundup - March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Ah yes, a day where Americans celebrate their Irish heritage - or not - by drinking much more Guinness than their stomachs can handle. What was once a date of Catholic obligation, something which it still is in Ireland, has now become an excuse to wear tacky green hats while pounding brew in a crowded barroom. Pardon our cynicism, but we can do better, folks. We at the Cup aren't strangers to drinking, and by that we mean to suggest that we're professionals. We're not judging your imbibery in and of itself, we're just judging the means to which you achieve your end. Don't amateur it up tonight. Be a dignified Irishman (oxymoron? I do believe so) and enjoy your Jameson slowly over an excerpt from Dubliners. Perhaps you should learn the lyrics to Molly Malone or, better yet, instill a crippling fear of eternal hellfire into your heart - a truly treasured possession of the Irish. THEN do car bombs with your brosephs while awkwardly dancing to U2.

NIT Results: Jorge Gutierrez & Cal Hold Off Chris Warren & Ole Miss | SB Nation Bay Area
The Rebels went out with a wimper last night, as the California Golden Bears bettered Andy Kennedy and Chris Warren to the tune of a 77-74 final. Chris Warren reached a milestone last night by going over the 2,000 career points mark, marking one of the most statistically impressive careers in the history of the Southeastern Conference - a career which, unfortunately, never saw a minute in the NCAA Tournament.

Ole Miss Baseball host Alabama to open SEC Play |
If there's any silver lining on last night's NIT loss, it's that it is officially 100% baseball season for the Rebel faithful. Alabama comes to town this weekend, and our resident baseball expert and reformed Bianco hater Brian Walker's Elbow will have more on this later today or tomorrow.

Non-scholarship QB Ingram arrested, alleged to have stolen swimsuit | Veazey
Evan Ingram, the Ole Miss Rebels' fourth or fifth-string walk-on quarterback, was arrested in Metarie yesterday for shoplifting a swimsuit. I can almost sympathize with Ingram because I haven't paid for a swimsuit in years. That mostly has a lot to do with my swimming naked (something which, apparently, the fascists who run the Turner Center frown upon), but you still get my point. What's most intriguing about this story, however, is the fact that Ingram was arrested with a man whom I presume to be his brother, one Wayne Ingram. This is a very Bonnie and Clyde type story, but instead of it being a pair of folk heroic, starcrossed lovers living their life on the lam while shaking down the fat cats of the American banking system, it's a pair of brothers stealing swimsuits. No word has yet been heard from the Rebel coachees regarding Ingram's status on the team. When reached for comment, Houston Nutt answered tersely with a "leave me alone, it's spring break" before walking into Harry Potter World.