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Thursday Tip Times, Channels, Predictions

You want 'em. We got 'em.

If you're not taking today or tomorrow afternoon off from work to go sit at a Buffalo Wild Wings, local bar or grill or just sit alone in a bean bag chair at your terrible apartment to watch 14 hours of basketball, then I urge you to do so.

We've got all the Thursday tip-off times, channels and our picks after the jump.

12.) Clemson (22-11) vs. 5.) West Virginia (20-11) - 11:15 CST CBS

Clemson just came off a game on Tuesday, and West Virginia has Bob Huggins. If the Mountaineers lose this game, I wouldn't be completely shocked, but it'd be a decent upset. PICK: WVU

9.) Old Dominion (27-6) vs. 8.) Butler (23-9) - 11:40 CST TruTV

Either one of these teams has a decent shot at shocking a No. 1 seed in the second round. Butler is the sentimental favorite because of the run last year, but ODU is the better team. PICK: ODU

13.) Morehead State (24-9) vs. 4.) Louisville (25-9) - 12:40 CST TBS

Rick Pitino has enough NCAA experience to be able to guide his team to the Sweet 16 this year, and Morehead State, while having a hilarious name, is not good enough to play 40 minutes with the Cardinals. PICK: LOUISVILLE

10.) Penn State (19-14) vs. 7.) Temple (25-7) - 1:10 CST TNT

Penn State had a great run in the Big Ten tournament, but I don't see it continuing. Temple's been a top 25 team and played solid basketball nearly all season – shouldn't trip up here. PICK: TEMPLE

13.) Princeton (25-6) vs. 4.) Kentucky (25-8) - 1:45 CST CBS

The SEC Champs play the Ivy League champs. Princeton squeaked by Harvard who was subsequently blown out in the first round of the NIT. John Calipari will have his team tournament ready. PICK: KENTUCKY

16.) UNC-Asheville (20-13) vs. 1.) Pittsburgh (27-5) - 2:10 CST TruTV


12.) Richmond (27-7) vs. 5.) Vanderbilt (23-10) - 3:10 CST TBS

The Spiders can play – I watched them dismantle Dayton in the A-10 championship. Vandy has had flashes of great play, but they are ripe for the upset. PICK: RICHMOND

15.) N. Colorado (21-10) vs. 2.) San Diego St. (32-2) - 3:40 CST TNT

San Diego St. didn't get to 32 wins without beating a lot of "bracket busters." PICK: SDSU

15.) UC-Santa Barbara (18-13) vs. 2.) Florida (26-7) - 5:50 CST TBS

I think Florida will get upset eventually but not this early. PICK: FLORIDA

14.) Wofford (21-12) vs. 3.) BYU (30-4) - 6:15 CST CBS

Jimmer. PICK: BYU

14.) Bucknell (25-8) vs. 3.) UConn (26-9) - 6:20 CST TNT

Bucknell better not screw up everyone's brackets again. UConn and Kemba Walker are the hot team out of the Big East. PICK: UCONN

13.) Belmont (30-4) vs. 4.) Wisconsin (23-8) - 6:27 CST TruTV

TruTV may end up with the best game of the night. These offenses are both old school styled, half court and full of 3-pt specialists. A lot of brackets have the upset, but the W will get the W. Belmont wasn't able to close out lesser SEC foes like Tennessee and Vandy this year. PICK: WISCONSIN

10.) Michigan State (19-14) vs. 7.) UCLA (22-10) - 8:20 CST TBS

Michigan State is my dark horse for the Sweet 16. Tom Izzo is a damn magician. PICK: MSU

11.) Gonzaga (24-9) vs. 6.) St. John's (21-11) - 8:45 CST CBS

St. John's has been a giant killer all year, and Gonzaga has the rep for wrecking brackets as undervalued seeds. Both teams seem to be peaking at the right time, and it will be a very good game. PICK: ST. JOHNS

11.) Missouri (23-10) vs. 6.) Cincinnati (25-8) - 8:50 CST TNT

This game should be won by Cincy, but it won't be. Missouri pulls off the upset just because I don't like the Bearcat mascot. PICK: MIZZOU

12.) Utah State (30-3) vs. 5.) Kansas State (22-10) - 8:57 CST TruTV

How is Kansas State a 5-seed? Outside of having a scary-eyed bastard for a coach, they are overrated. PICK: UTAH STATE

Discuss. Please.