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First Four ends tonight: USC/VCU and another 16 seed mismash

Surely the ratings for tonight's First Four will be better than last night.

Apparently, the UAB-Clemson game only had a 1.0 rating. The Beef O' Brady's Bowl had a 2.0 rating.

I watched both of those sporting events, and I fell asleep during both them.

Tonight will hopefully offer two close games, so check out the match-ups after the jump and discuss below.

16.) University of Texas- San Antonio vs. 16.) Alabama State- 5:30 CST TruTV

The Hornets take on the Roadrunners in a game that has very little appeal as the winner will take on another 1-seed in Ohio State. I'm going with UTSA, but there's no good reasoning behind it. Bet big, win big. Buy the bar a round of drinks.

11.) The University of Southern California (19-14) vs. 11.) Virginia Commonwealth University (23-11)- 8:00 CST TruTV

USC and VCU in a guard heavy game that has one team that shouldn't even be in the tourney. Alabama deserves to be in the tourney moreso than USC. A 10-8 record in the Pac-10 and a 19-14 overall record coupled with a 67 RPI – how does that get you a shot at a national title? Maybe I'm listening to too much PAWL on Birmingham sports radio.

Go with VCU just because it's going against USC. Either way, Georgetown should be able to take care of whoever wins this game in the Friday match.

Thoughts on these games? How is TruTV doing broadcasting the games? Why is Charles Barkley commissioned to talk about college basketball?