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Rebel Roundup - March 16, 2011

It's A Trap! Cal Hosts Ole Miss In the NIT 1st Round | California Golden Blogs
California Golden Blogs looks at our Rebels for tonights NIT opener and concludes that this game won't be easy for either squad. While we've got tons of NIT experience on our team (that's so overwhelmingly depressing to type) and have a handful of good wins, we've also demonstrated our ability to fold on the road. It should be exciting, though, so we'll have more on this later today.

NIT Preview: Northwestern Looks to Make a Run | BT Powerhouse
BT Powerhouse, SBNation's Big Ten Basketball blog, looks at the NIT and, in particular, the chances of the Northwestern Wildcats, which are the only B1G team in the tournament.

Ole Miss' Chris Warren on the brink of milestone |
Chris Warren needs only two points to reach the 2,000 point milestone. In speaking with Juco All American about this, he proclaimed to me that he would "watch enough of the NIT game to see Warren get his two points, then turn the television off." Dedication, y'all.

Ole Miss Wins Inaugural Egg Bowl Scramble |
The Mississippi State golf team didn't grind for Mississippi hard enough to defeat the Ole Miss Rebels during the inaugural Egg Bowl Scramble, a new event between the two Magnolia State's golf teams.