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Tweet Your Way To Houston With SB Nation and Samsung

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Great news from the mothership: SB Nation has partnered with Samsung for "The Pride of March Tweetstakes." The campaign is running from March 15th through 24th, and we're asking fans to submit (via Twitpic or another similar platform) a picture of you in your best fan gear. The more you stand out, the better. All you have to do is Tweet the picture of yourself with the hashtag #SamsungTV for a chance to win travel, tickets, and accommodations for two to the Final Four in Houston, TX. SB Nation editors will hand select and announce the winner from the contestants. (Check out the official rules here .) Good luck, and here's to a trip to Houston!

Yes, even though the Rebs are again in the NIT, Ole Miss fans are still eligible to win. So send in photos of yourself and make sure you STAND OUT. Wear goofy stuff, red and blue everything, and cover yourselves in sequins. Just ask the Hotty Toddy man for help. Or maybe just paint your entire body (yes, we mean ENTIRE body) to get a chance at a TV or a trip to the stinkin' Final Four (Lord knows our team won't be there, but at least you will be #winning) for you and a guest.

We're like Charlie Sheen in that we don't give a damn how you win, just so long as you do. Seriously, send in pictures of Wangs. No, not your weiners, the Chinese family who always sits in your section and asks questions the entire time and only uses cash at the concession stand. You love the Wangs, because they're fans too, but you just wish they'd let you watch the game in peace.

And you'll get bonus points from the Cup if the Wangs are eating chicken "wangs." Again no, not penises, the things the birds use to not fly.

And yes, Samsung is totally paying us for writing this. Penis jokes. Ha.