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Rebel Roundup - February, 7, 2011

Do You Have That Nasty Feeling in Your Gut?
You know, the one that you get after eating a dozen hot wings, a plate of nachos, and a bratwurst while sitting on your ass and drinking half a case of domestic swill? Congratulations, then, you're an American. I hope everyone enjoyed their Super Bowl Sundays. I sure did.

Buckner dominates as Rebels top Hogs | The Commercial Appeal
Reggie Buckner almost single-handedly defeated the Razorbacks on Saturday. The forward was in beastmode, just as he was in the upset victory over Kentucky. Let's hope this is the beginning of a trend for the big man.

Why more Buckner is a good thing for UM. (Warning: Numbers below.) | Veazey
I find it hysterical that Kyle Veazey needs to warn his readers of an impending use of mathematics. "GET YOUR VOODOO OUT OF MY WHOLESOME PAPER KV!" Regardless, the biggest takeaway I find with this is that, when Buckner tallies more blocks than usual (let's say 4+), the Rebels do well. There's a correlation vs causality issue, of course, but it's fair to say that his defensive presense is a major key to Rebel victories.

Current Rebels Down Alumni Squad In Inaugural Alumni Game | University of Mississippi Official Athletic Site
Brian Walker's Elbow wrote on this below, but if his coverage ain't doing the trick for you, here's a link to the page on the event. Position Rankings For the 2011 Class
The Rebs reeled in the fourth best wide receiver class and the fourth best linebacker class in the nation, according to Rivals, both of which are tops in the SEC.

Ole Miss mascot Col. Reb to rise again? | NBC Sports