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Rebel Roundup - February 4, 2010

UK vs Ole Miss: Three Things We Learned | KentuckyKernel
Tuesday night's game taught the folks in Kentucky somethings about their Wildcats, just as we in Mississippi learned just what this team is capable of. We're still, rightfully, excited over the win over the best team in the SEC, but one can't help but wonder where this team was during the Colorado State, Mississippi State, Tennessee, or Miami losses.

National Signing Day: The SEC Cleans Up | TSK
As I see it, there were three distinct tiers of SEC recruiting classes. They went something like this:

  • Alabama, Auburn, Georgia, LSU
  • Tennessee, Florida, South Carolina, Arkansas, Ole Miss
  • Kentucky, Mississippi State, Vanderbilt

So, while our class gives us reason to excite ourselves with the future of this program, it's tough to shake that our 'crootin class was still middle-of-the-pack in the SEC, despite being a top-20 type of class.

Recruits Mom Forges Signature on LOI | NBC Sports
We all already know the story of Floyd Raven, but I doubt few of us expected his bizarre tale to go national. Signing day just gets weirder and weirder, it seems.

Catching Up With Mike Wallace | Rick Cleveland
Mr. Mayor interviews Mike "Burnell" Wallace on his time at Ole Miss, his speed, his hopes for the Super Bowl, and (sorta) how the guy got totall jobbed out of a Pro Bowl spot. C'mon, voters, the guy led the AFC in yards per catch and had 10 touchdowns, what else do you want out of the guy?

And Here's Nutt Talking to Fox Sports about his Croots
He's obviously multitasking while doing so, a hallmark of Houston Nutt telephone interviews.