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Rebel Roundup - February 25, 2011

It's officially baseball season around here, vote accordingly. I'm gonna give the Rebs a 70 after I type this, in case you were wondering.

Work Sucks
So does real life. Well, actually, earning a fat paycheck is nice, as is life in general, but you get where I'm going with this. We've been awfully busy as of late, but we're not dead. There'll be more basketball (ha!) and baseball coverage, as well as spring football coverage in just a few weeks. As Juco would say, getcha popcorn ready.

Cougar Baseball Readies for Series Against Ole Miss | TheCypressTimes
The Rebels Travel to the third or fourth most interesting city in Texas this weekend to take on the Houston Cougars. Feel free to scroll down to check out BWE's preview, and certainly stick around for this weekend's lazy open thread. Hopefully, the Rebs will be 6-1 or even 7-0 after Sunday.

Synder’s heroics push Ole Miss to 5-0 season | The Daily Mississippian
More Diamond Rebs coverage from the Daily Mississippian. The Rebels are sitting pretty with wins over Memphis and Arkansas State this past week. The Rebel pitching has mostly looked fantastic. The bats haven't been stellar, but they certainly haven't been poor.

South Carolina halts five-game skid, knocks off Ole Miss at home | Daily Gamecock
People are upset at Andy Kennedy over this, as they should be...

All about the SEC: Rebel unrest |
...which is why it's good to see national sports columnists taking notice of that. Most folks want him gone but, as Jason King astutely points out, that won't be easy.

Kennedy, 42, has three years remaining on a contract that pays him $1.3 million a year. Ole Miss athletic director Pete Boone told reporters Thursday that Kennedy would be due the full $3.9 million if the school decided to make a change.

Unless one of us can organize an Oceans 11 type of heist, he'll be here for the forseeable future.


Lots on the line as Tide travels to Oxford | Roll 'Bama Roll
Roll Bama Roll's excited about Saturday's game in Oxford. We're not. Take a guess why. (Sheesh, we're really down on Rebel basketball right now, aren't we?)