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South Carolina vs. Ole Miss Basketball Preview

Basketball season is basically over for the Rebels. The only way we could make the dance now would be with an SEC tournament championship, and that's incredibly unlikely. Yes. It looks like Chris Warren and Zach Graham will finish their careers without a tournament appearance. At least there's always next year for the rest of the team, right? Oh.... wait.... we lose our top two scorers.

Anyway, South Carolina is 13-12, but they play in the East, where the Rebels would struggle for that record. They've beaten Florida and Vanderbilt and have a promising young freshman point guard in Bruce Ellington who appears to be a poor man's Chris Warren. He accumulates points but isn't an efficient shooter and is 5'9".

Not even ballin and buster_bluth care anymore. 


South Carolina 70

Ole Miss 65

Individual predictions

1. Demarco Cox gets more than five minutes in an effort from Kennedy to promote next year's team.

2. Dundrecous Nelson scores ten points but accumulates more attempted shots than minutes played.

3. Nick Williams continues to produce nada.