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Rebel Roundup - February 21, 2011

Ole Miss finishes sweep | The Clarion-Ledger
The Rebs started baseball season off well with a sweet of Wright State. Coverage and analysis and such to come from BWE and OMTB later. Thanks to everyone for the participation this weekend with the comments and the Tweetin' and the emailin' and all that stuff. You're all excited about baseball season, with good reason, and we're happy to share that excitement with you.

Ole Miss out-shoots Auburn, wins big in Oxford |
(So, yeah, we kinda didn't cover this...) The Rebels beat Auburn by 31 points. THIRTY-ONE. The red hot Rebs were led by Zach Graham's 30 points, and looked poised to do something which they, sadly, haven't done in a while...

Mississippi State tops Ole Miss behind Renardo Sidney's 22 points |
But then Renardo Sidney dropped another double-double on the Rebs, leading to the fifth straight loss to the Bulldogs. That's alright though, because it's baseball season now, and Andy Kennedy is probably fired after this season.

The SEC's impact redshirt freshmen | SEC Blog - ESPN
Rebel wideout Vincent Sanders is on the list, as he will see his first action on the field this fall in the Rebel offense.

11 SEC Predictions for 2011 |
I only think that maybe two of these come true. But there is something to be said for being bold with your predictions, especially this early in the offseason.