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Rebel Roundup - February 10, 2011

Warren and Rebels Rally Past LSU | Veazey
Juco was supposed to preview this game for everyone, but he didn't because he sucks. Perhaps he'll do a postgame report? Regardless of the Cup's (non)coverage, the Rebs have won three straight SEC matchups and are looking to make it four against a red-hot Alabama team in Tuscaloosa. Kudos to the students who, apparently bored and drunk due to classes being cancelled, actually showed up to the game despite the weather. And double kudos to Chris Warren for dropping 26 on the Bayou Bengals.

Rebels To Battle Bulldogs In Mississippi Cup Thursday |
Billy Chadwick and the Swattin' Scandanavians (and Germans and South Africans and that one American guy) look to defeat the Mississippi State Bulldogs Men's Tennis team for the 12th consecutive season tonight at the River Hills Tennis Club in Jackson. Don't worry, they'll win.

What we learned from perusing UM’s updated football roster | Veazey
Why you gotta report the NEGATIVE, Veazey?! WHY DO YOU HATE OLE MISS KYLE VEAZEY!?!? Clarion Ledger readers are surely outraged at this, but Veaze's blog post looks at who will not be returning to the Rebel football program this fall. Here they are, with my annotations:

  • FB Martez Eastland - A big-bodied back who runs like a pregnant lady. He won't be missed. He only saw action on special teams.
  • OL Terrance Hackney - A huge offensive lineman. I wonder why he got the axe has decided to leave the program because I don't think gargantuan man-mountains are things you can do without on a football team.
  • DE Lekenwic Haynes - Meh.
  • DT Michael Thomas - Who? I mean, not to sound callous, but did this guy even play all that much? Same goes for Haynes. If our defense is as thin and young as we believe it is, we'd naturally expect to have seen these guys in some significant-ish action, right?
  • S Dele Junaid - Same goes for Junaid. Our secondary was terrible, and he barely cracked that rotation. From what I know, he's a good tackler but poor in coverage. Or maybe it's the other way around. Regardless, after two seasons in the program he was passed up by freshmen and junior college transfers.
  • OL Jared Mitchell - Veazey listed this guy as an OL, but I'm pretty sure he was a DB turned WR out of Hargrave. Regardless, if a guy who is 6'3" can't crack the Ole Miss Rebel rotation at either defensive back or wideout, then he's either not trying very hard or not very good at football. We don't mean to be so callous though so, erm, best of luck and all that. 
  • WR Jesse Grandy - This is the one that some of our fans are getting bullshitty about. Yes, Jesse Grandy has actually scored touchdowns for the Rebs and, yes, he has elite straight line speed, but Jeff Scott's clearly the more talented, versatile player and is far more dangerous on offense than Grandy was. That much was made clear by the increasing playing time Scott saw towards the end of this past season. Furthermore, the recruitment of Philander Moore means that we'll be fine at KR/PR with Scott and Moore sharing time in those roles. Grandy will be missed, but it's not as if our offense and special teams are going to collapse in on themselves without him.

This is what the "evil" of oversigning gets you, 3rd-stringers and underachievers leaving for opportunities to play elsewhere. The horror. How can we live withourselves. Yadda yadda /dismissivehandwank /lookinatyouMitchAlbom /youshortlittlesumbitch /youtooAndyStaples

[But in all seriousness, Ole Miss has had an unusually high amount of attrition from the 2008 and 2009 classes. Therefore the 2010 class and this 2011 class had to be a bit bloated, meaning that a few players who couldn't hack it were going to leave or be gently shown the door to make room for new talent. It's really not a big deal, and the "problem classes" - especially that damned 2009 class - are seemingly becoming past issues.]

Randall Mackey To Have Knee Surgery | The Twitters
Sayeth Parrish Alford, "Knee surgery for Ole Miss QB Randall Mackey [today]. Availability for start of spring ball, March 28, unclear." Actually, it's quite clear to this bloggeur that he'll be ready come late March. Mackey has a torn meniscus in his left knee which, white requiring surgery, is not nearly as serious as a torn ligament. He will be available for the start of spring ball. Hell, he'll probably be able to jog on it within a week. Athletic people tend to recover from these types of things much more quickly than the average fatty. "But, Ghost, how can you be so sure?" I've had the exact same surgery and gone through the subsequent physical therapy... twice. I am hardly a model of human athleticism and I was walking a day or two after going under the knife and riding a bike within a week. He'll be fine.