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Ole Miss Rebels vs. Mississippi Valley State Delta Devils Game Preview

Nice shot.
Nice shot.

Ole Miss (7-1, #10 RPI) takes on Mississippi Valley State (1-7, #230 RPI) on Saturday at the Tad Rad Pad. It shouldn't be an exciting matchup, but some role players will get more time on the court than normal. I for one would love to see Aaron Jones play for twenty minutes or so.

Valley's lone win came against Tennessee State in double overtime. Hopefully we won't have trouble with them. If we do, it could be a scary run over the next couple of weeks which see us play Dayton and Southern Miss. We need a convincing win against Valley so that we can work out some issues we're seeing while nursing a big lead.

It's alarming that we've played so many close games this year (against teams that are alright but not great), but winning them all is encouraging. We appear to have a team that is clutch, something we haven't had under Kennedy's tenure.

Click the jump to see my bold predictions and final game prediction.


1. Jarvis Summers scores ten points or fewer.

2. We make less than 30% of our three pointers.

3. Demarco Cox still doesn't play more than 15 minutes.

Rebs 85 - MVSU 68