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2012 SEC Schedule Released, Ole Miss Already Given Six Conference Losses

Twenty-Twelve ain't gonna be an easy one for our Rebels, as we travel to what are arguably the four best teams in thie conference next season and play host to Texas A&M, Auburn, Vanderbilt, and State. Truly, it's a brutal slate, so brutal in fact that SEC officials basically told Boone that "you know what, you don't even have to 'play' those games if you'd like. You can just sorta hang out for an hour. We'll have the bands on the field and a dog catching frisbees in its mouth and stuff. It'll be fun. Don't worry. That Hugh Freeze is a nice guy. We'll go ahead and just spot you six losses or so. It's easier for everybody that way. Here's your check."

Wanna see for yourself how brutal it is? Here's our SEC schedule:

Sept. 29: at Alabama

Oct. 6: TEXAS A&M

Oct. 13: AUBURN

Oct. 27: at Arkansas

Nov. 3: at Georgia


Nov. 17: at LSU


Assuming everything stays put, we'll open with Central Arkansas, UTEP, Tulane, and Texas (TEXAS!), but that's TBA at this point. I do not yet know what this does to our out of conference games, including the scheduled matchups against Texas and Tulane. I would hope that both are still on, but do not be surprised if the Texas date is cancelled. I doubt Hugh Freeze wants to start his Rebel career with anything more than eight losses.