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Rebel Roundup - December 26, 2011

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The Cous(Cous) is Loose(Loose)
The Cous(Cous) is Loose(Loose)

We're Getting Back Into the Swing of Things
After a fifteen-hour road trip (shout outs are in order for A-Tay, his wife, and his brother Matt, but only because he asked for it) which ended at 5:00 this morning, I've returned from a relaxing and fulfilling Christmas vacation to both work in real life and keep updated this here corner of the internet. We know we weren't great at getting you your fix of maniacally updated Rebel-related ramblings over the past few days, but we had people to visit and cakes to eat. Surely you understand.

New Ole Miss coach Hugh Freeze promises to reclaim Mississippi |
Look, coach, I'm fine with you calling Ole Miss "the flagship in the state of Mississippi" and saying that the Egg Bowl is "not big, it's paramount" to the successes of the two schools involved, but let's leave the silly claiming/reclaiming of Mississippi up to them. You see, this is most assuredly our state, and it has been since 1848. Such is easily evident to any one objective observer, rendering any sort or need or desire to make any "claims" towards the same a useless waste of time. Just say "we'll beat State" and leave it at that.

Brewer leaves Ole Miss | The Dispatch
Gunter Brewer's following Larry Fedora to Chapel Hill. It sucks we couldn't keep him. A lot.

Freeze secures first signees at Ole Miss | On The Trail Blog - ESPN
On junior college national signing day, Ole Miss received the signed LOIs of three players. Offensive guard Darone Bailey (mentioned earlier this past week), defensive back Dehendret Collins and offensive tackle Pierce Burton will make up this year's juco class. The player about which most Rebel fans are excited is Burton who, reportedly, had scholarship offers to West Virginia and Florida before signing with our Rebels. If that is indeed the case, he's a great recruiting get for a new head coach.

MTSU beats Ole Miss | The Tennessean
Ole Miss loses two in a row to a CUSA and Sun Belt team, respectively, and suddenly all of the air is pulled out of our "yay we love Ole Miss basketball" sails. I watched the game; it was disappointing. Maybe we'll write more on it later.