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Ole Miss Rebels vs. MTSU Blue Raiders Preview

Terrance balled out last game. Repeat perhaps?
Terrance balled out last game. Repeat perhaps?

The Rebels (9-2, #42 RPI) travel to Southaven to take on the MTSU Blue Raiders (10-2, #132 RPI) tonight at 8 CT. The game is on CSS, so watch it.

The Blue Raiders present an interesting matchup with Ole Miss as they are deep and tall. I would think we'll probably beat them due to athleticism, but their bigs are very competent offensively, and that could be a problem for us down low. We can't let them shoot from outside a lot (41% as a team from three), but we don't need to worry too much about them getting to the line (63% as a team). This is the first game in a while where height won't be a major advantage for us. I hope we can still outrebound them and succeed with a stingy defense.

I didn't get a chance to do a recap of the Southern Miss game, but suffice it to say that Jelan Kendrick didn't look all that good. We need him to be what he was supposed to be if we have a hope at a tourney bid.

After the jump, my prognostications.

3 Bold Predictions:

1. Jelan Kendrick will score ten or more points.

2. Reggie Buckner will foul out in less than 25 minutes or playing time.

3. Nick Williams will play for 28 minutes or more.

Rebels 73 - Blue Raiders 64