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Rebel Roundup - December 2, 2011

Ole Miss Rebels vs. DePaul Blue Demons - Recap | ESPN
I'm so very thrilled that Murphy Holloway decided to return to Ole Miss. The junior forward put together an impressive double-double (16 points and 12 boards) last night before scoring the winning layup with just over 3 seconds to go. While it is very, very disconcerting that the Rebels have, two games in a row, blown impressive double-digit leads late in the second half, it is good to see them finish those games out with wins. A fun/depressing fact about last night's win: this was the first time an Ole Miss basketball team has beaten a Big East team on the road. Wow.

3-point shot: Ole Miss on upswing | College Basketball Nation Blog - ESPN
Don't you do this to us, Andy Katz. Don't you get us all excited about this team's NCAA potential, only to have us watch the Rebs stumble to an 8-8 SEC record and another NIT bid.

Ole Miss inching closer to naming Houston Nutt's successor |
Since the Cup's reader choice of Mike Leach was taken by Washington State earlier this week, most of us here are resigned to the understanding that we're likely picking from Hugh Freeze, Kirby Smart, and Larry Fedora (and not necessarily in that order). Unless something wild comes out of left field, I would fully expect one of those three to be our next head coach, whith Smart being both the most likely and desireable candidate - assuming he's not tapped for the TAMU job which opened up yesterday.

Blame Ole Miss players, not coaches |
I was gonna scathingly fisk this gibberish, but then I realized it was a letter to the editor type of thing. Regardless, the idea that the players should be "blamed" for the 2-10 season this past year is asinine and worthy of some criticism. Tell me, Victor Ainsworth of Biloxi, should lower-level employees be blamed when a corporation is bleeding itself dry of money and operating at a loss? Nope, you blame the CEO. The same goes for a sports team, in a sense. Do you mean to suggest that, were we to keep Coach Nutt and his staff while getting rid of the players we have (because, per your observations, they "gave up on themselves"), we'd then somehow begin to win football games? Pardon my skepticism, but I'm not buying that.

Dan Mullen blames Ole Miss for PSU report |
...and some Mississippi State fans probably believe him. I know this isn't news to any of you, but I do think it's somewhat amusing that Mullen's nonsensical remarks are gaining some national traction. This does raise an interesting question: if (when?) Dan Mullen does go to Penn State as is being rumored, which school and fan base will he begin to antagonize?